How to Sell Your Old Car to an Auto Wrecker


If you have an old vehicle in storage, consider selling it to an auto wrecker. In general, selling your old car will help you make a little cash. This consideration is particularly crucial if you are planning on acquiring a new vehicle. Also, you will free up your garage space. Remember, prolonged storage of your vehicle will only lead to further deterioration. Additionally, auto wrecking is an environmentally friendly process that allows for the recovery of old materials for recycling. Regardless of your goals, here are simple guidelines for a successful sale.

Consider the Model

The model of the vehicle is an important consideration when selling your car to an auto wrecker. Usually, these salvage businesses dismantle old vehicles and recover reusable components from the structure. Some of the parts are sold in the same condition to buyers. Others are rebuilt or remanufactured before the subsequent sale. The value of your car will depend on the wrecker's ability to recover and resell the auto parts. If they are not familiar with your vehicle model, they will scrap the materials directly. Therefore, the value of your old vehicle will decrease. Choose a business with experience with your specific brand. For example, if you have a Nissan car, contact a Nissan wrecker.

Check for Good Parts

If you are concerned about financial losses due to high-quality parts, think about removing the valuable components before the sale. This approach is crucial if you have recently attempted to repair your car. Some newer parts might be worth more if they are sold separately to individual buyers. If this is your case, remove the good parts before the vehicle is towed. If you are not familiar with cars, consult a mechanic to avoid damaging the products. Alternatively, inform the auto wrecker about the valuable parts of your car and their condition. Then, negotiate a better price with the buyer. This choice will spare you the stress of looking for a parts buyer.

Review Legal Issues

The legal requirements imposed on different auto wreckers will vary. However, keep in mind that most businesses are cautious and will require a range of documents before purchasing your vehicle. You can sell your old car without the appropriate clearance to certain shops, but the price offered will be lower. Moreover, you might become vulnerable to unknown legal problems. Therefore, when selling an old car, prepare the appropriate paperwork, including proof of ownership and registration. Moreover, consult your insurance company before completing the transaction. 


8 July 2021

It's time to say goodbye

My car has been a great little run around for the last ten years. Unfortunately, it's finally got to the point that it's time to say goodbye and send it to the wreckers. It actually seems like it might be worth more as a wreck than anyone would have paid for it as a running car, which is a little sad. Anyway, I've been careful to find the best price I could through the wreckers so that I can buy something new to get me around. This blog is all about getting the best price for your car at the auto wreckers.