Curb Truck Breakdowns: Top 5 Indispensable Guidelines


Owning a truck is many drivers' dream come true. Trucks are the backbone of the transportation industry. However, at times you may experience truck breakdowns that have you waiting for roadside assistance while you have a full cargo in the back that needs to be delivered. Below are the leading causes of truck breakdowns. Faulty or Flat Battery Your battery is the powerhouse of your truck; issues with this component can lead to a truck breakdown.

7 December 2016

Auto Wrecking: 3 Things to Consider When Buying a Salvaged Car


If a car has been involved in an accident and sustained damage that cost more than the value of the car, the owner's insurance company may write it off. An auto wrecking company may purchase the car at a reduced price and then carry out salvage work to make the vehicle road worthy again, or they may sell the car in its damaged state, allowing the buyer to carry out the repair work.

11 October 2016