Time and Money Saving Tips When Carrying Out Engine Conversions


If you've decided to replace or convert your engine, you can make the project time consuming and expensive or more cost effective and cheaper by taking note of the following tips.

Research the conversion before you begin

Before you even reach for a spanner, head to your computer and hit Google to research how others have gone about carrying out the same conversion. This will enable you to see any problems that were encountered and the solutions that were found to those setbacks.

This could save you lots of time and money in mistakes and restarts to your project.

Set yourself a budget

Another important aspect of any conversion is the amount you have available in your budget for the work you want to carry out. Remember that a conversion requires a number of different elements, so don't just base your budget on one part. For example, a 6-speed auto transmission gearbox might be perfect for what you want, but something smaller and manual might be more affordable.

Source the best quality parts you can afford

Brand new parts are expensive, period. This doesn't mean that you have to choose the cheapest option you can find, though. Have a good look around auto wreckers' yards to see what you can find that fits your shopping list. It's amazing what great bargains you can pick up on parts that are virtually new.

Make sure you have the skills you need to take on the job

Many conversion projects stall simply because the person undertaking the job has been overambitious. Before you start, think about what you can do and what you can't. For example, if you're great at mechanical skills but not competent at electrics, it might be better in the long run to pay someone to carry out the electrical work, rather than struggling with it yourself.

Check if you have all the tools that you will need for the job, too. It may be more cost-effective to borrow or hire some of the larger pieces of kit, rather than buying them.

Make sure that the finished vehicle is road legal!

Although you might think that your finished road monster is fantastic, the police and your insurance company might have other ideas. Before you start, make a quick phone call to your insurer and explain what you plan to do to your vehicle. They will tell you whether the finished project is road legal and what effect the modifications will have on your insurance premiums.


9 February 2017

It's time to say goodbye

My car has been a great little run around for the last ten years. Unfortunately, it's finally got to the point that it's time to say goodbye and send it to the wreckers. It actually seems like it might be worth more as a wreck than anyone would have paid for it as a running car, which is a little sad. Anyway, I've been careful to find the best price I could through the wreckers so that I can buy something new to get me around. This blog is all about getting the best price for your car at the auto wreckers.