Check Out These Tips for Selling Your Unwanted Car for the Best Price


Moving on from your car? Selling your scrap car to an auto wrecker is a fast and easy way to make some cash. But finding a wrecker that's willing to pay top cash for your unwanted car can be confusing and may take time. 

Here are some useful tips to follow if you want to get cash for your car while getting the most money out of it from a car wrecker. 

Hone Your Negotiation Skills

Haggling prices with the customer reps at a car wrecking service can be a bit unnerving, especially if it is your first time selling a car. These customer reps negotiate scrap car prices every day, so you might easily be at a disadvantage if you don't up your negotiation game before you encounter them.

The best way to negotiate the best price for your car is to know what you're selling. If the tyres on your unwanted car are relatively new or the car has a new stereo system, for example, you should bring this to the attention of the auto wrecker. Such car components are expensive and shouldn't be sold off as scrap. 

If the auto wrecker insists on purchasing your entire car as scrap metal, you might be better off removing them before negotiating a new price for the vehicle. 

Get and Compare Multiple Quotes

If you're looking to get as much money as possible out of your unwanted car, you'll need to put in some effort into requesting quotes from multiple wreckers in your local area. When comparing quotes, it is important to look beyond the total figure offered. The best deal is the one that offers the highest price after you've deducted the cost of towing your car to the auto wrecker's yard. 

This means that you should take the location of the auto wreckers into consideration. An auto wrecker that offers the highest price might not be the most profitable one for you if it will cost you a lot of money to deliver your car to them.

Prep Your Car for Inspection

Some people don't think they should prepare their scrap car for sale because they've already decided to get rid of it. But if you want to get the most money out of yours, taking time to clean it is a simple task that can pay off pretty handsomely.

Removing dirt build-up can accentuate the best features of your car when you take it to the auto wrecking yard for inspection, showing that the vehicle is exactly as you described over the phone. 

Money isn't the only important thing to focus on when selling your scrap car. Your car might house important personal items that should be removed prior to closing the sale. Remember, your auto wrecker isn't liable for loss or damage to any personal items left inside the car.


6 March 2019

It's time to say goodbye

My car has been a great little run around for the last ten years. Unfortunately, it's finally got to the point that it's time to say goodbye and send it to the wreckers. It actually seems like it might be worth more as a wreck than anyone would have paid for it as a running car, which is a little sad. Anyway, I've been careful to find the best price I could through the wreckers so that I can buy something new to get me around. This blog is all about getting the best price for your car at the auto wreckers.